Eco Friendly Parking At Gatwick

Gatwick Eco Parking

Eco Hotel & Parking with Tudor Rose Airport Parking and Hookwood Lodge Hotel

Eco Hotel & Parking

Situated directly opposite our fully authorised Car Park only 2-3 minutes from Gatwick Airport and set in 20 acres of peaceful parkland, Hookwood Lodge offers excellent accommodation for travellers flying from Gatwick Airport on Holiday or Business.


Hookwood Lodge at Gatwick Airport is a large, elegant Victorian house recently refurbished with a friendly atmosphere, spotlessly clean, comfortable and great value for money!


No other Gatwick hotel or parking company is able to offer the same, fast service to and from the Airport Terminals. When travelling with children and the elderly the last thing you want is to have to wait for buses and transfer times.


We are proud to say that the house has been renovated to being environmentally friendly in mind. For instance, our electrical system is designed to save energy. If we were to switch all lights, lamps etc., on, we would not exceed 300 watts at any given time. Add to that the hot water and heating systems based on energy efficient boilers and you can see we are making a conservative effort to reduce our carbon footprint.


All rooms have en-suite, Flat Screen TV/Freeview, tea/coffee making facilities and free internet access. Extra large rooms available to accommodate 2 children.


In the morning you will be taken to the Airport in our Tudor Rose Courtesy Vehicle or your own vehicle 10 minutes before your check-in, your choice. On your return from holiday just call us and we will deliver your car to you so you can drive straight home. All we ask is that you drop the driver back to the car park if you have room in your car. A Tudor Rose courtesy vehicle is available to collect you should you not wish your car to be driven by our staff.



Our Parkland


While others only talks about it we like to put it in practice too.


Many hotels and car parks around Gatwick Airport claim they recycle or try to use only eco or organic products but arenít we all?

Is this all that we need to do to make sure that our children and grandchildren will leave on a healthier Planet?


We donít think so, thatís why we invested almost 100K on trees and plants on our parkland, knowing the importance of the trees contribution on the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.† As most of us know during the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe.


And we do not stop here, as we plan in the near future to change all the company vehicles with lower emissions ones; with the intention to change all our vehicles in the next 2 years with electric cars. Our vehicles runs between the airport and the base, so the chances to run of power are minimal. We support and sponsor, organisations or schools on their Eco-friendly projects whenever the opportunity arise.


Book your hotel and parking package via Gatwick Eco Parking, youíll not only enjoy our spectacular gardens and parkland but also will help you reduce your carbon footprint every time you book with us for your holiday parking at Gatwick Airport.

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