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If the collective psyche and conscience of the world is awakened and people take up against the global warming, the world would be a much better place to live in. In fact, this could save the day for us and for the future of our children. Many countries around the world are now taking up eco issues much more seriously, and a lot of the success of eco-friendly measures actually depends on wide-spread of people’s participation to make the movement broad-based.


When we talk about global warming, it makes sense to refer to and consider the harmful effects of air pollution in this context. The earth is fit to live in because of the atmosphere that covers it protectively, and also the unique mixture of gases that make it suitable for life. Oxygen gives life to all the creatures above, on and even below the earth, and in its dissolved form gives life to marine life as well.


When we talk of air pollution, we must realize that the pollution of the air has come with the industrial revolution that spread from Europe across the globe after the 19th century. With the industrial and vehicular development that took the world by storm, human started burning fossil fuels for industry, transportation and more massively for electricity generation.


One of the major fall outs of air pollution is that it contributes to global warming; as the sources of air pollution also help release CO2 (carbon dioxide) which makes the earth like a greenhouse that retains the heat of the sun and causes global warming.


The earth is becoming like a tinder box, and the flora and fauna are becoming suffocated and stifled, like a slow poison that refuses to go away. Air pollution also depleted the ozone that keeps the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun in check. There are now huge pockets of ozone depletion in the southern hemisphere, over Australia, which are causing many cases of skin cancer and many other diseases.


Air pollution causes global warming and makes diseases like asthma and other respiratory ailments commonplace. These have immense fall outs for millions of people around the world especially kids and the aged. In many cities of the world, air pollution has reached such levels that it may be needed to use air masks for preserving one’s health. In a world where people use energy indiscriminately, especially in the developed world, carelessness of a few can potentially harm the many.



Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?


Global warming has been a buzz-word for environmentalist groups for many years now, making it almost as meaningless and overstated for some people.


Global warming is defined as the rise of the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface layer of air as well as the oceans, and extends to the projected continuation of that rise. The concern is that global temperatures, as they rise, will change ecosystems planet wide, wreaking havoc upon many species who cannot adapt quickly enough, and damaging the environment, possibly beyond repair. The melting of the polar ice caps that could occur with global warming could change the landscape of our world, flooding many regions and causing damage to people and property as well.


The problem, according to those who are blaming people for global warming, is that we have released more green-house gases into the atmosphere than would normally, naturally have been released. This increases the-house effect, trapping more heat close to the surface of the Earth and causing the planetary temperature rise that we are seeing.


These green-house gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone, primarily, and are released by many of our daily activities such as driving our cars, raising herds of cattle and farming acres of rice paddies to feed our growing populations, and by burning coal for energy, among other things. The effects are made worse by the fact that we are cutting down trees at an alarming rate and not reforesting many used up areas, leading to fewer trees to absorb and process the carbon dioxide in the air.


Another concern is that the green-house gases cause what is known as a feedback effect, in which the warming of the surface temperatures lead to a worsening of the conditions. The climate change of the Earth from Co2 emissions, for example, leads to the evaporation of water, which accumulates in the atmosphere and causes further warming.


As we look to the future, global warming is a formidable foe.  The preventions and actions we take currently could have a great effect in the future.  Reducing air pollution, carbon emissions, limiting greenhouse gases, and creating protocols will help ensure the Earth remains capable of supporting life, including us.


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